« Cloud », « remote desktop », … Mobile computing is the future desktop

It's already happening: the mobility and accessibility of data and communication, anywhere, anytime, is critical to any business.

We propose to our clients a hosting solution for their servers and data in a High-Quality Swiss Datacenter that enables to :

Have a safe:

  • connection to your company's computer from any place in the world and from any device;
  • permanent link and share of the company's softwares and files;
  • backup of your data and mailboxes in this "Swiss vault";
  • fast and permanent internet bandwith;
  • a personalised support and faultless care of your hardware;
  • a swift reactivity in case of trouble.

No more expensive network hardware to maintain in an adequate room with secured and protected access: It's all taken care in an adapted datacenter with maximum security standards always updated. It's safe, with a guaranteed protection against intrusive access or fire and Internet bandwith speed always on top.